Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oak Furniture

Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 g/cm3, great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. Oak is one of the oldest building materials. It has been used in house building,building of ships, and furniture. Oak can grow tall and wide, and the boards made from it have been prized since the Middle Ages for use in interior paneling of prestigious buildings and in the construction of fine furniture.
The furniture made from oak will last long, and look just like new for many years to come. This is why the oak tables, desks, chairs, shelves, and beds are last generations. A lot of antique furniture is made from oak, and those pieces were used for hundreds of years, making the oak furniture a good investment.
Pay a bit more upfront to get a quality dresser, table, or a chair, and it will last longer than a lifetime. Don't waste money buying cheap furniture, that will lose the functionality in a year, choose oak to ensure the quality of your investment.
furniture virginia beach
There are many places to buy quality oak furniture, and one of them is Good Wood Furniture store in Virginia Beach, they ship nationwide too! They have a growing collection of quality furniture from Oak, Pine, Cherry, Maple, and select hardwood for kitchen/dining, bedrooms, and home offices, They offer TV/entertainment units, stereo towers, living room furniture, curios, hutches & buffets, kitchen islands, microwave & recycling items, gun cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, armories, wardrobes, medicine cabinets, office & computer furniture, file cabinets cupboards, bookcases & more. Visit their Virginia Beach Furniture Store, or go to www.goodwoodfurniture.com to choose a quality oak piece for your home or office furniture collection.

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