Friday, March 5, 2010

Give Your Garage an Extreme Makeover!

Do you have an attached garage, yet have trouble fitting your car for all the storage you've accumulated over the years? Perhaps you spend more time in your garage than in your home, tinkering on your car or motorcycle, and aren't satisfied with the use of space. It may be time to give this oft-neglected part of your home a makeover, so you can improve how you stock lawn and garden equipment, seasonal outdoor decoration, and make plenty of room for your vehicle.
It's not uncommon to hire a contractor or decorator to turn an existing garage into a functional room in your house, like a den or playroom, but did you know there are businesses that also specialize in improving this space so it's still used as a garage? It might surprise you to know what can be done to keep this enclosed storage space looking clean and functional. Here are just a few things one can consider for a complete overhaul.

Cabinet and Storage Installation: Can't find anything when you need it? Is your garage so full you can't even pull in your car? Have custom cabinetry and storage units installed to put everything in its place - tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and other items.

Flooring: Yes, you can have a professional style floor just like a commercial garage. Especially if you like to work on your car, a professional can replace or repair your current garage floor to a painted and polished result that will be envy of the neighborhood.

Wall Racks: For lawn and garden equipment, patio chairs, and camping gear, a wall system of racks and hanging baskets store everything perfectly and remove clutter from your floor.
Consult with a contractor who deals in garage renovation about the possibilities for your car's space. The result is well worth the investment.

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