Friday, March 12, 2010

Solar Shades For Your Windows Can Save You Money

If you enjoy leaving your curtains open to allow natural light to shine into your home, you may think you are saving on your electricity bill. While it's true you may not use your lamps and lighting as much, but too much sunlight can have an adverse effect on your home. While there is light, you're also bringing in harmful UV rays and other potential problems. One way to prevent this and still keep your home illuminated is having exterior solar shades installed.

Why Install Solar Shades?

To protect our skin from the sun while we're outside, we may don wide-brimmed hats or use sunscreen. We may think, too, that being indoors protects us from UV, but in truth it does not. When the sun beats down on your windows, too, there is the danger of overheating the glass, which in turn could cause your A/C system to work harder than it really has to. Furniture and wallpaper may fade, too, dulling the inner beauty of your home.

Solar shades work to protect your rooms from these possibilities while also permitting natural illumination and a view outside. With shades you control the amount of sunshine you want in your home and therefore maintain the right level of cooling that won't take a hit on your wallet.

Solar Shades are Versatile

The more commonly used styles of shading are constructed of either acrylic exterior awning fabric, fiberglass screen, or PVC-coated polyester. Most contractors and companies dealing with shading will offer hundreds of patterns and colors to match your home, and motorized options let you set your shade with no fuss. You won't find a more cost-effective way of saving money on energy bills and beautifying your home.

K. Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia green homes and Virginia Beach handyman services.

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