Friday, June 1, 2012

Outdoor Hot & Cold Faucet

How often do you use your outdoor faucet? Is washing your car and watering the plants all you can do with it? But what is you could do more, like washing your pets, performing sanitary clean-ups, and other cleaning procedures regardless the outside temperature? Well, now you can!
Gundlach Plumbing along with the range of plumbing services offers an outdoor hot and cold faucet installation. The faucet faucet lets you choose the temperature of your water to perform any kind of work.

richmond plumbingThe advantages of using the outdoor hot and cold faucet:
  • Wash your pets outside regardless of weather.
  • The cleansers work better with hot water.
  • Sanitize your tools.
  • Perform everyday cleaning.
Washing your pets. Even on a hot summer day icy cold water may be uncomfortable for your pet. Hot & cold faucet lets you choose the optimal temperature for your dog's or cat's comfort, even though you can may still not like being washed.

Commercial car washes use hot water to wash the cars. Now you can do it too! Adjust the water temperature to achieve the best results when washing your car.

Perform the everyday cleaning faster using hot water. Most detergents and cleansers work better with the hot water, saving you time and effort when cleaning your tools, outdoor furniture, deck, and anything else.

Contact your plumbing company to install a hot and cold water faucet for your home today! 

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