Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tankless Water Heaters in Richmond

When it comes to saving money, people tend to look over their expenses, cut down on the unnecessary purchases, eating out, vacations, and so on. Not too many of us look at the energy bill and try to estimate the savings that could be achieved with using less energy, a tankless water heater for example.
You use hot water  every day to take showers, wash dishes, do laundry, etc. Have you ever run out of hot water? Do you follow the rule of not taking your shower while doing laundry, or using your dishwasher? The tankless water heaters may change your habits a little, and make your life a bit easier.

Here are the main differences between the regular and the tankless water heaters:

Water heater with a tank:

  • Heats up water and stores it in the tank.
  • Keeps the water heated at all times, unless you turn it off.
  • Runs out of hot water if the amount of water used is greater than the tank holds.

Tankless water heater:

  • Heaters up only the water that is being used at the moment.
  • Doesn't uses energy when not in use.
  • Provides an endless hot water supply when you need it.

The tankless water heater makes your life more comfortable. With a tankless water heater you will never run out of hot water again, and can use your dishwasher, do laundry and take a shower all at the same time. On top of that tankless water heater also saves you energy by not heating the water when it is not in use.

The next time you think of cutting your expenses, think of installing a tankless water heater for your home.

Gundlach Plumbing and Heating company offers tankless heaters for the residents of Richmond, Virginia. Contact Gundlach Plumbing for the tankless water heater installation for your Richmond home. Call (804) 288-1951 today!

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